Monday, December 31, 2018

Susie’s Pies, Bronx, NY

Since the holiday season often involves spending time with extended family members, we are highlighting Susie’s Pies in the Bronx. Susie’s specializes in Pizza 🍕 and Calzones and is family-owned and operated. We can’t recall when we took this #analog photo in the early 2000s if they served a Grandma pie (a square or rectangular pizza with a dense crispy crust that has been cooked in an olive oil-coated pan and is tossed in the oven quickly after it’s been stretched onto the pan ) but many old-school pizzerias like this do as these are the type of pies Italian-American grandmothers make. Notice the phone number on the #signage had no area code listed as this #pizzeria opened while the Bronx was still part of the 212 area code which was created in 1947 to serve all five boroughs.

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