Friday, January 19, 2018

"Jamie and Sunny watch Brian on CNN–he was in the apartment just 10 minutes earlier!" Photography from our visit to Jamie & Brian Stelter of NY1 & CNN's Lincoln Square home for 6sqft


"If these two friendly faces look familiar it’s because they grace your television screen daily. Jamie Stelter has been NY1’s traffic reporter for the past eight years, gaining fame not only for her onscreen rapport with Pat Kiernan but for her naturally bubbly personality (especially important when you go on air at 5am!), and Brian Stelter is a former media reporter for the New York Times and the current senior media correspondent and host of “Reliable Sources” for CNN. And while this might sound like a recipe for one intimidating couple, the Stelters are about as down-to-earth and warm as they come."

Frank Campanelli R.I.P.

Frank Campanelli sitting outside Joe's Dairy, a #homemade mozzarella shop in the South Village in 2008. We were very sad to hear from a relative of the family of the passing of Frank Campanelli this week. Although this #momandpop store closed in 2013, we fondly remember its delicious fresh mozzarella, which was made on the premises daily in both regular and smoked flavors. When we took this photo, the owner Anthony Campanelli told us that "When I am ready to retire, it will probably be a lost art in my family because I have a daughter but I won't allow her to do this. It's a lot of hard work. It's not that a woman couldn't do it, but you have to get up really early and work long hours". Photo and full interview with Anthony appear in our book "Store Front: The Disappearing Face of New York".