Saturday, December 8, 2018

As the holiday of #Hanukkah has only 1 more night, we are highlighting Murray’s Sturgeon Shop in the Upper West, which has been in business since 1946.

The present owner, Ira Goller was a commodities analyst but decided to leave Wall Street and buy the business in 1990 from restaurateur Artie Culter, the second owner. The founder, Murray Bernstein passed away in 2000.  We photographed this appetizing shop in 2010 for our book “Store Front II-A History Preserved” and interviewed the long-time manager who told us, “We have kept more or less the same sort of inventory over the years, selling the finest smoked fish, caviar, homemade salads and soups and our specialty kosher knishes. Many customers have been coming here for so long that they now are bringing their grandchildren in with them.” We have a special place in our heart for this shop because we are in awe of its #neon since our last name is “Murray”!

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