Friday, January 8, 2016

Queens Luncheonette is sadly no longer in business.

Queens Luncheonette is sadly no longer in business. We loved its ‪#‎vintage‬ ‪#‎handpainted‬ privilege ‪#‎sign‬ provided by Optimo ‪#‎Cigars‬. You can get an idea of how old this photo is by looking at the price of a ‪#‎cigarette‬ box advertised on the ‪#‎storefront‬ facade. We used to see many stores with privilege signs (signs provided free of charge by a company in exchange for selling and advertising g their product) with the most common ones provided by Coca-Cola but as stores get modernized or go out of business the ‪#‎signage‬ is replaced. ‪#‎typography‬ ‪#‎signgeeks‬ ‪#‎font‬ #signgeeks ‪#‎type‬ ‪#‎cigar‬ ‪#‎luncheonette‬ ‪#‎queenscapes‬ ‪#‎queens‬

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