Saturday, January 25, 2020

Our latest video "Miami Food & Vintage: Retro Motels, Diners & Hot Dogs" is live on our Youtube channel!

In this MIAMI FOOD & VINTAGE tour, we visit the MiMo neighborhood of Miami and stop in and have delicious #food at the oldest diner in the area, which serves breakfast all day long.

We also check out the huge concentration of #vintage motels along Biscayne Boulevard, many of which have been lovingly restored to their former 1950s glory with unique mid-century architectural "Miami Modern" details and neon signage.

We also visit a famous retro hot dog stand, known for its street food, including classic and regional specialty hot dogs with a wide variety of toppings.

Places we visit in Miami, Florida include:

1. New Yorker Boutique Hotel: 6500 Biscyane Boulevard Miami, Fl
2. Jimmy's Eastside Diner: 7201 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami Fl
3. Saturn Motel: 6995 Biscayne Boulevard Miami, Fl
4. Wotel South Pacific: 6300 Biscayne Boulevard Miami, FL
5. Dogma Grill: 7030 Biscayne Boulevard Miami, Fl
6. Shalimar Motel: 6200 Biscayne Boulevard Miami, Fl
7. Sinbad Motel: 6150 Biscayne Boulevard Miami, Fl
8. Vagabond Hotel: 7301 Biscayne Boulevard Miami, Fl
9. Gregory's Diner: 7301 Biscayne Boulevard Miami, Fl
10. Coppertone Girl vintage neon sign: 7300 Biscayne Boulevard Miami, Florida

Our rescue dog, Hudson comes along with us as we travel around #Miami sampling food and even gets free slices of bacon!


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