Saturday, December 3, 2016

Chris, Christmas tree 🎄 vendor on Third Avenue at East 18th Street, Gramercy, NYC

Chris comes to NYC to set up his Christmas tree stand thanks to an obscure 1938 "Coniferous Tree Exception" law that was passed that allows the sale of Christmas trees on the streets of the city during the month of December without any license as long as they have permission from the store owners in which they set up shop in front of. Chris, who sells only Fraser Firs from North Carolina told us that, "We are here in an attempt to help celebrate and elevate the atmosphere in an otherwise dreary season. And that's the reason for the city's unique culture surrounding Christmas tree sales. I have looked into working elsewhere more conveniently, but there is nothing like the experience of it on the streets of NY. We carry decorative wreaths starting at $15 and cute small trees ready to go for $25. We can get a nice, full-bodied stand up tree in your living room for $50".

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