Sunday, October 6, 2019

Chinatown Ice Cream Factory is featured in our latest YouTube video.

Full video:

This historic #icecream shop is known for their unique flavors of #homemade ice cream, including lychee, #durian , black sesame and red bean. This is the ONLY place we visit in our Chinatown #cheapeats video where we break our $5.00 and under rule, as 1 scoop of ice cream is $5.75. Their ice cream is really delicious but we mange to save part of our Pandan flavor ice cream cone for our dog Hudson!

• To see the interior of @chinatownicecreamfactory and see the amazing exotic and regular flavors they sell, please watch and subscribe to our channel .

We will be posting new videos EVERY FRIDAY, highlighting small unique businesses in NYC. 


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