Friday, August 9, 2019

Pommes Frites on MacDougal St, Greenwich Village, NYC is featured in our latest YouTube video!

Full video:

Pommes Frites on MacDougal St. is famous for its authentic Belgian Fries, which are double-fried and served in paper cones with a variety of sauces. In our latest YouTube video Greenwich Village Food Tour, we visit @pommesfritesnyc and talk about its history (it originally opened in the East Village but was forced to relocate in 2015 after the tragic gas explosion and fire 🔥 which sadly killed 2 people and totaled the building Pommes Frites was located in).

• To see the interior of Pommes Frites and the order of delicious Belgian fries 🍟 we had as well as some other great food spots in the Village, please subscribe to our channel.

We will be posting new videos weekly, highlighting small unique businesses in NYC.


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