Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Our latest YouTube video: Greenwich Village Food Tour & Vinyl Records is now live on our JamesandKarla channel!

Full video: https://youtu.be/f6CdERtyphk

In this food tour, we visit many old-school independently-owned food businesses which are located on MacDougal Street and also walk to nearby Carmine Street, where we have more food and visit a vinyl record shop and bookstore. • We start the day with a visit to Caffe Reggio, where we sit down and have a classic cappuccino and a Granita di Cafe (espresso slush with whipped cream). This iconic caffe, was founded in 1927 by Domenico Parisi, who is credited as the first person to introduce cappuccino, the Italian coffee ☕️ drink, to the United States.

• To see the delicious cappuccino we had at @caffe_reggio and the interior of this historic business along with the original 1902 chrome and bronze espresso machine, which Mr. Parisi imported from Italy, please subscribe to our channel and share our video if you enjoy it. We will be posting new videos weekly, highlighting small unique businesses in NYC. 

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