Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Photography from our visit to fashion designer, stylist, and model Stella Rose Saint Clair's apartment for 6sqft...

Full article: https://www.6sqft.com/my-730sqft-its-a-retro-pink-party-at-fashion-designer-stella-roses-bushwick-apartment/

"From the Rococo sofa she found on Craigslist and bought from an eccentric divorcée on Staten Island to the collection of vintage food packaging in the kitchen, everything in Stella’s apartment has a story, many of which will make you laugh. But behind the giggles and bubblegum walls, Stella is not afraid to get real–“I don’t have my shit together, and I’m okay with it.”–and take a serious look at how obstacles in her life, such as being bullied as a teen, have shaped her into the creative force she is today. Ahead, take a tour of Stella’s one-of-a-kind apartment and get to know her a bit better."

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