Thursday, June 21, 2018

Morning over at “Mom-and-Pops of the L.E.S", Seward Park, Lower East Side, NYC.

We are excited to share the news that we completely finished our art installation inside Seward Park today and it is on view for everyone to see. This would not have been possible without your support! 

We will be having an opening celebration 🎉 at Seward Park on Saturday, July 14th at 1pm. We will be speaking to everyone about the installation and the inspiration behind it. 

Please let us know if you plan to attend and would like your rewards for your donation handed to you personally at the installation instead of us mailing them to you. We will also be sending a reward survey to everyone so we can obtain your email and mailing address if you need your rewards mailed to you. 

Thank you again for your generous support!

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