Tuesday, April 3, 2018

El Quijote, an 88 year-old Spanish restaurant located in the Chelsea Hotel closed on Friday March 30th.

When we took this photo in 2010 for our book “New York Nights” and interviewed the 2nd-generation owner Joseph Ramirez, he told us that they had a 30-year lease with the #ChelseaHotel and was not worried about its future. Sadly though, the hotel was sold to a developer soon after we interviewed Joseph and the new owner closed the hotel for a major renovation but the restaurant known for its delicious paella 🥘 and seafood 🦐remained open (although under new ownership since 2014). The new owner finally decided to close the Spanish restaurant although he has told various Press that he will reopen it after renovation is complete. Somehow, we don’t think it will ever be the same...

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