Friday, December 15, 2017

30 years of favorites highlight: Trash & Vaudeville, East Village, NYC

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Trash & Vaudeville in the East Village has been in business since 1975 and closed at St. Mark's Place after 41 years. It was founded by Ray Goodman and has been a popular place for musicians to get #‎punk #and #rockandroll clothing and accessories for decades. Jimmy Webb, the long-time manager told us "we are hands on and into personal customer service. We keep the spirit of #‎rockandroll alive." One of the reasons for closing this St. Mark's store was that the rent had risen to $45,000 a month. Although Ray Goodman is relocating the #‎store nearby on 96 East 7th Street. Photo is from our book New York Nights.

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  1. Before T and V, this was since the sixties, Limbo, also a great store for clothes. where I bought yellow pleated pants that outraged my mother.