Sunday, July 17, 2016

Graflex 1949 Pacemaker Speed Graphic 4x5" camera.

The Pacemaker Speed Graphic was manufactured from 1947-1970 and features a coated lens, a focal plane shutter and a Kalart rangefinder mounted on the side. Most Pacemakers including ours, have the Graflok back, where the focusing panel is both spring loaded and removable. The body release is switchable, and works both front and rear shutters. There is both a Peep Sight eyepiece mounted at the top rear center of the camera back and a Front Finder Frame mounted to the lens front standard. There is also an Optical View finder and Fold-down Infinity Stops. Man Ray, Berenice Abbott and Weegee all used a Graflex camera at one point in their career. We were lucky enough to find this beauty at a thrift store in NYC.

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