Saturday, June 18, 2016

Spring Street NoLita, NYC, not that long ago...

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  1. I grew up on Elizabeth St. when in 1971 my parents moved over from the Dominican Republic, I was 2 years old, we lived right across the street from the Elizabeth St. Garden which back then was just an empty lot, we stayed there until 1975 when the building next to us burned down and my father decided to move, it seemed like there were fires every night as I later found out that the landlords would let this happen to collect insurance.

    We moved over to 280 Mott St. where we stayed until 1986 as my parents decided to move back to the Dom. Rep. after 15 years to retire, but by 1988 I was back on Elizabeth St. when I moved in with my godfather on 264 Elizabeth St. and stayed there until 1997, that's when I got my own place in Washington Heights as I couldn't afford the neighborhood. It wasn't until 2008 where I was able to come back to hood thanks to affordable lottery apartments.

    Anyways... 11 Spring St. was always this mysterious building to me that was pretty much abandon filled with graffiti. I think 1 person own the building and kept it mysterious with candles by the windows.