Friday, August 14, 2015

B&H Vegetarian Restaurant on Second Avenue near St. Mark's Place, East Village reopens today!

B&H Vegetarian Restaurant on Second Avenue near St. Mark's Place reopened today after being closed for 5 months following the deadly East Village gas explosion and fire that destroyed three buildings near the restaurant. 

Hudson watches the re-opening day crowds as he waits for his breakfast... Below, orders were flying off the grill.

Ola & Fawzy Abdelwahed, husband & wife owners, were finally able to reopen the 1930s dairy & vegetarian restaurant after neighbors and customers rallied in support of B&H, raising $30,000 in funds and helping speed up City Hall to grant the necessary permits. The couple took turns running in and out to give interviews to all the New York media. Here they are with #ABC7NY. 

Hudson trying to steal the microphone foam wind shield muff during his interview...  Fawzy even brought out Hudson a bowl of ice water. Below, all was forgiven.

Ola was hustling, keeping up with incoming orders and taking time to greet and thank each and every loyal customer... 

Above, our pancakes on the grill!

Once our food (buttermilk pancakes and 2 scrambled eggs and hash browns), Karla was grabbed again by Channel 7 ABC NEWS and asked what B&H re-opening means to the neighborhood... If you look closely you can see Hudson's teeth marks on the mics foam muff. Below, Hudson waits patiently for his food...

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