Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Wrong Number Cocktail Lounge In Gravesend, Brooklyn

The Wrong Number Cocktail Lounge In Gravesend, Brooklyn was in business for over 35 years before it closed in 2009. We loved its unique name and interesting ‪#‎signage‬ with its multi-colored jumbled letters spelling out "Wrong Number" and the ‪#‎script‬ letters of "Cocktail Lounge". This was a true neighborhood dive bar and sadly there are not that many more in existence as gentrification pushes them out.


  1. this bar in its heyday was a gangster hangout (tommy karate pitera) even tho it was a shady and dangerous place i was sad to see it go old school brooklyn at its finest

  2. I don't think this bar closed because of gentrification. Let me know when Gravesend gentrifies :)

  3. Ok u people out there have no clue!!!
    A handed out slapd for fun in that joint!!!let's talk about a real boss
    Me first ofcourse
    Then comes Tommy karate
    Tommy baloti.....last but not least mr John Gotti
    Those guys were and always will be a legend hood every store in the hood payed there does
    If they didn't they were cement shoes
    The mob called it the mafia blues

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  5. Drive them out? when someone gets an offer on something that's worth more than what it is, the person will sell out nobody asked anyone to move away from Brooklyn that's ones choice.