Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Stadium Liquors, The Bronx, NYC

Stadium Wine & Liquor in the Bronx which had been in business for almost 80 years closed in 2012 after a steep rent increase combined with decreased business after the new Yankee Stadium opened for business in 2009.
The owner, Manuel Mercedes told us that the storefront, signage and interior of the store were are original. He also showed us the first liquor license for the business which dated back to right after Prohibition ended in 1933. When Manuel purchased the business in 1996 from the original owner his rent was only $6,700 a month but by 2012, it had increased to $11,100 per month. The neighborhood was seen as revitalized due to the new Yankee Stadium opening, but business had declined because there were now more options for eating and drinking inside the stadium.

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