Friday, March 20, 2015

Mt. Carmel Candy Store,"Belmont", The Little Italy of the Bronx.

This tiny candy store is no longer in business but opened in the 1950s and that is when its ‪#‎privilegesign‬ by Coca-Cola was installed. When we took this ‪#‎analog‬ photo in 2004 the owner, Charlie told us that he still served old-fashioned egg creams and malteds and used a ‪#‎vintage‬ Hamilton Beach ‪#‎mixer‬. The ‪#‎eggcream‬ is a quintessential New York ‪#‎candy‬ store fountain drink. Although its name implies that it is made using#eggs and cream, it has neither. It consists of only milk, seltzer and flavored syrup. Charlie made both ‪#‎vanilla‬ and ‪#‎chocolate‬ syrup flavored egg creams using Fox's U-Bet syrup. We loved this small ‪#‎storefront‬ and the little window advertisements.
You can see more great Bronx images at @eyesonthebronx

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