Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Montero’s Bar & Grill, Brooklyn

Montero’s Bar & Grill on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn Heights was founded in Joseph & Pilar Montero as a seafarer’s bar in 1945. 
Full video: https://youtu.be/-TWyKqRICVk  
In our NYC LIFE: WALKING BROOKLYN HEIGHTS & COBBLE HILL ATLANTIC AVENUE, BROOKLYN NEW YORK OUTDOOR DINING, we walk with our dog Hudson along Atlantic Avenue in the Brooklyn Heights/Cobble Hill neighborhoods during the #Coronavirus Lockdown in #NYC to see how vibrant this neighborhood near the Brooklyn Bridge looks during the reopening of New York with outdoor dining during COVID-19 restrictions. We see many restaurants, cafes and bars open with outdoor seating and check out the historic Montero’s and its incredible overhanging vintage #neon sign.

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