Saturday, November 16, 2019

The Jones on Great Jones Street is featured in our latest YouTube video FOOD & BOOKS: East Village, NYC.

Full video:

We visit this historic restaurant which operated from 1983-2018 as the Great Jones Cafe, serving Cajun/Creole food (swipe left for old photo showing the original interior and menu board). The #cafe interior has been completely redesigned and the menu now is seafood-focused. The exterior #storefront of @the_jonesnyc remains the same and there still is the #elvispresley bust in the window and the neon EAT sign!

• To see the newly remodeled interior and the delicious filet-o-fish sandwich served with American cheese and tartar sauce that we had, please watch and subscribe to our JamesandKarla YouTube channel (direct link in bio and Instagram story).

We will be posting new videos EVERY FRIDAY highlighting unique small businesses in New York City.


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