Friday, November 8, 2019

Our latest YouTube video: Vinyl Records & Food Tour: East Village NYC is now live on our JamesandKarla channel!

In this Vinyl Records & Food Tour of the East Village in New York City, we go crate digging at a well-known vinyl record shop with our rescue dog Hudson, visit a historic block featured on a record album cover and visit food businesses nearby including a spice shop, a popular Indian restaurant and a beautifully curated tea shop.

We start our tour by visiting the block where the tenement buildings are located featured on the album cover for the famous Led Zeppelin album "Physical Graffiti".

We then take a short walk to A-1 Records, NYC on East 6th Street which stocks a very well curated selection of used #vinyl from a wide variety of genres including dance music, jazz, funk, soul , hip-hop, disco, house and techno.

After #cratedigging and listening to some tracks recommended to us by long-time employee Chef, we walk down 6th Street to First Avenue to visit Dual Specialty Store, which sells over 400 herbs and spices from around the world.

We then visit Milon Bangladesh on First Avenue, one of the few Indian restaurants that remain today from this area of the East Village, which was once known as Little India. We go inside this family-owned restaurant specializing in Bangladeshi cuisine. We not only see the colorful and brightly decorated interior, but go back in the evening to enjoy some delicious Indian #food.

To end the day, we visit Physical GraffiTea on St. Mark's Place and enjoy one of their Fall specialty blends from their selection of over 200 kinds of carefully sourced tea and also take some loose tea home with us to enjoy later.


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