Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Dual Specialty Store, East Village, NYC

Dual Specialty Store (located right next door to the Indian and Bangladeshi Restaurants we highlighted yesterday on our feed) on First Ave by 6th Street, sells more than 400 herbs 🌿 and spices from around the world 🌎.

Full video: https://youtu.be/AjsYc6eOn-4 

We feature this shop in our latest Vinyl Records & Food Tour of the East Village. We absolutely love that the shop’s mission is to make people more aware of Indian culture and #indianfood and cooking. To see more of the interior of this amazing shop and the wide variety of spices, rices, beans, legumes, flours and oils they sell, please watch and subscribe to our JamesandKarla YouTube channel.

We will be posting new videos EVERY FRIDAY highlighting unique small businesses in New York City. 

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