Friday, September 7, 2018

"This Instagram of Vintage New York Storefronts Is a Nostalgic Fever Dream" SEPT 6, 2018 by ELISE TAYLOR for Vogue

Full article:

 "It’s true that most of their photos could be lumped into the category of “Old New York”—a designation dwellers use to describe previous iterations of this ever-changing city—but the whole point, James and Karla say, is to remind people that these stores are very much here in the present. “We just try to raise awareness of the joys of these little shops,” James says. “We want people to be aware of how important they are to the fabric of the community. And if they shop there—because that’s the key to the stores success, they need customers—you can actively do something to keep them in business.”

Article includes: @Ray'sCandyStore, @scarrspizza, @Regina'sGrocery and more!

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