Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Photos from our visit to social media expert and doodle mom Paige Chernick’s studio on the Upper East Side for 6sqft...

LINK: https://www.6sqft.com/my-600sqft-inside-the-upper-east-side-studio-of-two-doodles-and-their-social-media-savvy-momager/

"Paige Chernick’s Upper East Side apartment is immaculate, with everything in its place, no clutter in sight and not even one strand of dog hair. Besides the poufy poodles greeting you at the door, there are no immediate signs that dogs really live here. And then, upon closer examination, you’ll see the basket of plush dog toys in the corner, the framed photos of sister doodles Charlie and Sawyer wearing bathrobes in a tub and the spacious closet reserved just for their stuff.
While you may not be familiar with Paige, who is a Long Island native and social media manager, you probably know her dogs."

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