Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Zion Bott. Wks. Far Rockaway, NYC. ‬

This gorgeous ‪#‎vintage‬ bottle was hand-blown in Czechoslovakia in the 1800s (its maker mark is stamped on the bottom of the ‪#‎antique‬ bottle). This thick and heavy blue glass ‪#‎bottle‬ is etched with a great logo of the long-gone Zion Bottle Works of Far Rockaway, Queens. Far Rockaway is a thin sliver of land jutting out into the Atlantic Ocean and began being settled by Jews in the second-half of the 1800s and is sometimes referred to as "Torah by the Sea". We were lucky enough to find this ‪#‎seltzer‬ bottle on the Lower East Side and now proudly display it alongside our vintage camera collection. If anyone knows anything about Zion Bottle Works, please let us know as we were not able to get any info on it. ‪

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