Thursday, July 27, 2017

One last visit to Great Jones Cafe, East Village, NYC...

The Great Jones Cafe closed at the end of dinner service last night. This cafe, which opened in 1983, was known for its reasonably priced Cajun-style food and for its #vintage #jukebox which was curated by long-time general manager Bill Judkins. Bill, who parted ways with the restaurant in March, took his record collection from the jukebox with him. Let There Be Neon, the 40 year-old neon sign shop in Manhattan, created the EAT neon that hangs in their window. The news of its immediate closure hit us particularly hard because not only did we photograph it for our book Store Front II-A History Preserved" but we are currently curating an exhibition based on a series of photography and oral history workshops that we taught at the Neighborhood Preservation Center and this Cafe was photographed by 2 of the participants, including @americansquares. This month, we have now lost both Cup & Saucer and now the Great Jones Cafe. #storefront #disappearingfaceofnewyork 

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