Wednesday, March 25, 2020

In our East Village Pizza NEW YORK: During STATE OF EMERGENCY video we visit an amazing pizzeria during the health crisis in #NYC to help support this unique family-owned shop.

We not only see how empty the streets are in this usually very busy neighborhood, but we speak with the owner, Frank about the inventive #pizza he has created. We have a slice of their delicious Margherita Pizza and Pepperoni Pizza and try some cheesy garlic knots before bringing the rest home with us to eat with our dog Hudson, as take away or ordering your delivery online is safer and faster.

Many small shops have recently shuttered including in our own neighborhood of the East Village and since street food spots need our help, we will keep championing them as long as it is responsible to do so. We are taking precautions while going outside and trying to maintain social distancing.

We want to remain positive and help our fellow New Yorkers in this time of need and keep celebrating the contribution small often family-owned businesses make to our community.

WE VISIT: East Village Pizza: 145 First Avenue East Village, New York

We try their delicious Margherita Pizza, Pepperoni Pizza and Cheesy Garlic Knots  Follow East Village Pizza on Instagram East Village Pizza @eastvillagepizza


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