Saturday, October 22, 2016

Ghost sign for Sozodont Toothpaste in Midtown.

When SL Green began knocking down a full block of prewar commercial buildings next to Grand Central Terminal last year to make way for its new 1,401-foot-tall office tower at One Vanderbilt Avenue it revealed this #vintage #sign for Sozodont, a popular brand of oral hygiene 😁 product from the mid nineteenth-century. Sozodont was created in 1859 and its was chosen from the #Greek word "sozo", meaning to save, and "dontia", meaning teeth. We love its statement "Cleans Teeth Clean- Our Only Claim". We wish this #ghostsign could have been saved but sadly it was demolished and SL Green just recently broke ground for the new building which will eventually become the second tallest building in #nyc!

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