Sunday, September 20, 2020

Louis Zuflacht, Lower East Side, NYC

Louis Zuflacht in the Lower East Side was a men’s haberdashery which was founded in 1942 and had a beautiful #neon sign. Luckily the skeleton of the sign still exists today on the #storefront of 154 Stanton Street even though the business closed long ago and the shop has changed tenants many, many times. But many historic neon signs which we have documented over the years have been literally thrown into the trash when the shop closes. 

That is why we launched a Kickstarter campaign to SAVE the historic NEON SIGN at the Palomba Academy of Music in the Bronx which has been forced to close after 64 years in business due to the Coronavirus shutdown. 

• • Our KICKSTARTER campaign “SAVING A HISTORIC NEON SIGN IN NYC” is to help fund our short film, which documents our journey to help save the historic neon signage at Palomba Academy of Music. In our short film, we will interview the 2nd-generation owner, Michael Palomba, about the joys and stuggles of operating a family-owned music shop and school and why he was forced to close his historic business due to the Coronavirus shutdown. 

The campaign will ALSO HELP PAY for the entire process of carefully removing the 25 foot neon sign with its porcelain enamel panels from the facade of the building and placing it on a trailer to transport it to its new permanent home at the American Sign Museum in Cincinnati, Ohio, the largest public museum dedicated to signs in the United States. The Palomba Academy of Music neon sign will be installed and on display, shining brightly again at the @americansignmuseum 

• To hear more about our @kickstarter campaign and the rewards you can receive if you back our project, please visit our link:

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