Sunday, November 4, 2018

Cafe De La Esquina on Wythe Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn was housed in a 1952 stainless steel Mountain View Diner car.

Before becoming the Brooklyn outpost of La Esquina it was the location of the Wythe Diner from 1968-1988, and Relish from 1997-2010. We loved its original stainless steel #vintage decor including backsplash and counter swivel stool seating (swipe left for interior photo).

Sadly Cafe De La Esquina has recently closed to make way for a new 6-story building with 10 apartments and retail space on the ground floor. We are not sure if the #diner will be demolished or if someone is interested in moving the structure to a different location (as what occurred when the stainless steel Cheyenne Diner in Manhattan closed a number of years ago). If anyone has any info on what is to become of the actual diner please let us know.

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