Thursday, May 4, 2017

Through Their Lens - James & Karla Murray: HOKK FABRICA Magazine 05.02.17 (China)

"如果眼前有兩張明天出發的紐約機票,你最想和誰立馬出走?想去的地方又是哪裡?也許有人會回答著名的中央公園,或是五光十色的時代廣場,或者是9/11的紀念館。這次「Through Their Lens」專訪的這對紐約攝影夫妻,卻花了近二十年時間,遊走那些快將遺失的特色小店,更攝下它們垂死前的掙扎痕跡"
("If there are two tickets starting tomorrow in New York, you most want and who flew away? Where is the place to go? Maybe someone will answer the famous Central Park, or the colorful Times Square, or the 9/11 memorial. Interview with the "Through Their Lens" interview on the New York photographer, but spent nearly twenty years, walk those who will soon be missing specialty stores, more photographed their traces of dying before dying.")

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