Tuesday, March 7, 2017

White Horse Tavern has been in business since 1880.

White Horse Tavern is one of the few wood-frame structures still in existence in New York City. The current owner is Eddie Brennan who told us that the main building in which the #tavern is located was constructed in 1817. The interior of the tavern is original including the tin ceiling, all the fixtures and the wooden bar. The overhanging #neonsign went up some time in the 1940s. Eddie told us that he recently had the #signage entirely rebuilt because it was rusty and shaky. It is one of our favorite #vintage neon signs with its cobalt #blue enamel and interesting #font as well as the #neon horse. We love this #storefront so much that we chose it for the back cover image for our book New York Nights. Full page interview with Eddie Brennan also appears in the book.

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