Thursday, November 5, 2015

Broadway Wines and Liquors in Queens from our book "New York Nights".

Broadway Wines and Liquors in Queens has been in business since Prohibition ended. This gorgeous ‪#‎storefront‬ not only has an original ‪#‎vintage‬ ‪#‎neonsign‬ in an interesting ‪#‎font‬ in ‪#‎green‬ but also has a great ‪#‎red‬ dot between the words ‪#‎wine‬ and Liquors. You can also tell how old this ‪#‎liquor‬ store is by its "lobby" entrance which has deep window displays. Modern storefronts due to the high price of square footage rent generally do not have a recessed entry and instead opt for maximum square footage to be used for the interior of the store. Photo from 2009 appears in our book "New York Nights".

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