Monday, December 29, 2014

Molly W., winner of this year's Holiday Puzzle with her prize, a signed copy of STORE FRONT: The Disappearing Face of New York.

Check out her fantastic website Vernacular Typography:  

Here is the winning solution:

H - Sunshine Theater
A - Reynold’s Bar
P - Donut Pub
P - Olympic Diner
Y - Subway Inn

H - Hinsch's
O - The Pavilion Theatre
L - Broadway Wines & Liquors
I - Ideal Dinettes
D - Skylight Diner
A - Capital Fishing Tackle
Y - Oyster Bar
S - Goldberger’s Pharmacy

& - Russ & Daughters

H - Show World
A - Frank’s Sporting Goods
P - Soup ’N’ Burger
P - Lower East Side Coffee Shop
Y - Rocky's
N - Mitchell’s Wines & Liquors
E - Pearl Diner
W - Brands Wines & Liquors

Y - Papaya King
E - Gramercy Cafe
A - P&G Cafe
R - J. Braun Liquors


  1. Great list! Please where is the coffee shop in the photo, please?

  2. Hey Ken,
    The coffee shop is on 14th Street near Avenue A.