Monday, January 27, 2014

The Famous Oyster Bar: Closed

(Above image from NEW YORK NIGHTS)

From Jeremiah's Vanishing New York:   

Excerpt from NEW YORK NIGHTS:  The Famous Oyster Bar is a family-owned seafood restaurant, which has been in business since 1959. "The same family has operated this restaurant since it first opened. I have been working here for over 21 years. My father was a good friend of the owner and now the restaurant has been passed onto his daughter. There are not many family-run restaurants left in this area between Times Square and Carnegie Hall and we hope to remain here for many more years. The neon signs outside are original and even the interior of the restaurant still has that old world Cape Cod feel to it. Unfortunately the family does not own the building. We were very fortunate in that we had the same landlord for many, many years but now the building has changed ownership so it is hard to say what will happen to us. Business has been affected due to the economy. This restaurant has always relied on tourism for its customer base since we are conveniently located to many hotels and nearby theaters and attractions. We try to keep our prices reasonable and yet still deliver fresh high quality oysters, lobster and fish dishes." Roxanne Gallas, manager


  1. dined there the last night. Impossible to take a bad shot. 50 years gone gone gone

    1. So sad that it is gone. We hope that the signage will be preserved somehow.